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Wild Sea Weyr
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Hello, I am weyrwoman Allanor and welcome to Wild Sea Weyrs web page!
Wild Weyr Weyr was founded by, Allanor rider of Gold Menith, T'lon rider of bronze Rayneth, G'rot rider of brown Yorth, and Ryena rider of Green Renth.  The reason that they left their last weyr was that they were all thoroughly disugusted by the treatment they were getting from the Weyrwoman and Weyleader.  So the four decided to search a certain area that they knew would be good for dragons, and to their amazment, they found the perfect weyr.  It is a tall clif face with pockets of natural caves and interlocking tunnels.  Overjoyed, they packe their meager things and transported the 20 odd people that wanted to come also.

After a few sevendays of searching the endless passageways and coping as best they could, the draognriders decided that it would be best if they could find a hold you make one.  So the four riders formed a search of the area.  While on one of these searches, Ryena found a huge hold, there were bright green vines crawling up its sides and two sliver felines were asleep inside.  After killing the feline, Ryena and Renth told Allanor and Menith while the continued looking with the hunch that there was somethingelse.  To their amazment, there was!  An even bigger hold, this one was beauitful and placed and a calm white bay.

Dragon and flitt colors

Gold: The gold is the largest dragon on Pern, she does not chew firestone because it would make her sterile, and because of that, their riders use flamethrowers.  They are only female and can only be impressed by a female.  They are flown by bronzes and rarely by browns.

Bronze: The bronze is the largest male.  They are only impressed by males.  They make very nice Weyrleaders and Wingleaders.  The bronze is usually the one to fly the queen because of their size and stamina.

Brown:  The brown can vary in size from as small as a blue to as large as a bronze.  They are semi agile and also make good wingleaders.  They rarely fly queens, they would rather fly a green because they are smaller and "easier" to catch.  They always impress males.

Blue: Blues don't uzually get any larger than a small brown and only fly greens.  They are very VERY agile, so they are good at flying thread.  Thay are USUALLY impressed by a male but there have been ocasions where they have impressed a female.

Green: Greens are the smallest dragon on Pern other than the white.  They are the most agile dragon also.  Since they chew fire stone, they are sterile, but the still love to rise.  Greens can be very tempermantal but not always.  They do not clutch since they are sterile.

White: The white is the smallest of all dragons on Pern.  They usually have no gender and not intrest in mating, though there are the exceptions to the rule.  They do fly thread and since they are so small, fly up on the top with the greens and the blues.  They always knew where and when they are, flitts love them.

Wild Sea Weyr is a Neopets based website, it is a roleplaying guild and I, allanor_goldrider, am the weyrwoman there! 
WSW is a cannon weyr, so there are no mutations, and if you consider a white a mutation, I'm sorry but I don't.
We have all the general pets, flitts, cats, dogs, runners, and of course dragons (though they aren't really pets)!  We also have at least two pods of dolphins currently.
If you wish to join out weyr, please send allanor_goldrider your charrie information. 
Members may have as many charries as they want, as long as they use them.  And since we allready have a serious override on flitts, I'm not allowing any  more golds, but all other colors are accepted.
You cannot join with a gold, you will eaither have to wait to get one on the Grounds or you can send me a neomail telling me why you should have a queen, I would willingly read it, but that dosen't mean that I will accept it.

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